Friday, 20 March 2009

Astonishingly gentle, yet effective therapies to help you feel like yourself again!

Whether your pain is physical or emotional, Jo at Suffolk Therapies has access to a range of carefully selected therapies which can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Bowen Technique is one of the fastest-growing complementary therapies in Europe. Bowen's popularity is thought to be due to the gentle pain-free approach and its astonishingly good results. Bowen may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions including sports injuries, back pain, headaches, asthma and hay fever. Most of the Bowen moves can be performed through light clothing. Please see the "Bowen" page for further information.

If your problem is more of an emotional imbalance, for example: stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, low confidence or cravings, then a combination of recognised stress management tools, including EFT, NLP, psychometric tests and non-spiritual meditation are also available.

As well as having a remarkable record of success, I believe that the large number of client referrals and recommendations received are due to fast turnaround - although there are exceptions, following the initial 1-3 Bowen or EFT treatments the majority of my clients are noticing significant improvements and are soon able to visit intermittently, if or when their symptoms begin to return.

Typically my clients have found Bowen and/or EFT treatments extremely beneficial:

• for pain management

• for prevention or management of hay fever
• to assist in the management of asthma and respiratory conditions
• in reducing the stress induced by phobias and fears
• in helping re-balance the emotions and stress management
• as an aid to slimming - especially in helping control those cravings!
• in helping to kick their bad habits
• as a relaxation tool

Here are some examples of how a handful of clients have responded to their Bowen or EFT treatments:

Sam age 7: Is no longer afraid of the dark (after one half hour session)
Lou age 12: Scared of putting her hand up in class, the thought of talking in front of everyone made her cry - the next day she was unexpectedly given lines in a school play, read them loudly and confidently - then asked the teacher for more lines! (after one half hour session)

Sarah: Suffers with ME - significant short-term improvement in energy levels (ongoing)
Adam: Had severe cravings fizzy drink - now doesn't like the taste or the smell and actually poured it away (after one half hour session)
Val: Evening snacking - no longer has the desire to eat crisps, as they don't taste the same (after one half hour session)
Steve: Stress - for the first time in months, the knot in his stomach wasn't there (one half hour session)
Sarah: Jo taught me ways to help deal with the stress by myself, so I never felt dependent on her

(Names have been changed for client confidentiality)

Further testimonials are available on this site, and many more hand-written ones upon request!

Please note: These treatments are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your own doctor.


  1. Amazing! I was, i admit pretty sceptical on this one as with most things new to me. Had a session of EFT with Jo due to problems with my IBS. I had a flare up of IBS and as usual it wasn't settling and takes forever to eventually settle with the use of medication. After my EFT session with Jo things felt like they were moving and it was starting to ease. Jo left me with some 'homework' should symptoms continue. The following day my digestive system felt pretty unsettled so i tried my homework and it settled, and then the day after i was suffering with stomach pains, so repeated my homework and the pains just subsided, jus disappeared really. Normally it takes me a good week to recover from the stomach pains to the point of refraining from food, but i continued to eat as normal and had no need for my medication. Thanks Jo!

  2. I've had this pain in my right side, it's like a stitch, for about 28 years. I was given IBS medication, which didn't work, so I've just lived with it. It wakes me at 4am every morning and the pain is so bad, that I can't get back off to sleep. Jo gave me EFT yesterday and within one hour the pain intensity had gone from a 5/10 to a 1/10. last night I slept through the night for the first time in years. There was no pain at all. I couldn't believe it, it's brilliant!

  3. I was involved in a car crash in October 2009 and sustained injuries to my neck, spine and arms. As well as whiplash i had badly damaged the nerves in my right arm. A friend recommended Jo to me. Since having Bowen treatment with Jo i feel so much better and my symptoms have been greatly reduced. The whiplash sequence she does has immediate positive results.Thank you Jo. Victoria Bullock.

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  5. All great to read. I will definitely be getting in touch with Jo in the hope that she can help me.
    I saw details of a study done in the US on the use of Bowen Therapy for Fibromyalgia and it was found to be quite positive so as a sufferer and always desperate to find new non medicinal treatments to compliment medication I am excited to give this a go at the earliest possible opportunity.
    Looking forward to meeting you Jo 🙂

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