Thank you to all of my clients who have provided me with the following testimonials and have agreed to their publication.

There are a lot and new ones are added regularly.  Each clients condition is in bold, to make it easier for you to scroll down and find relevant cases!

Fibromyalgia Video Testimonial June 2013:

For as long as I can remember from being a teenager, my left arm was always uncomfortable. To use it at all took more concentration than my right arm... simple motor functions could sometimes even leave me feeling queasy when I moved it and I had resigned myself to being unable to use it as dexterously as my right.  It limited my piano playing, daily tasks (cooking, cleaning etc) and I always felt it was weak and could not support carrying any weight. 

In 2001 I was having a conversation with Jo and just happened to mention it.... She used Bowen on my arm – and I cannot describe the difference, it was an instant reaction – my arm felt stronger, more agile and almost like all the “batteries” had been replaced and it was working in a way as never before.  Straight away I felt I could lift things, carry things and use my arm in just the same way as my right arm. It moved quicker, I could control it without concentration and without the ‘sick’ feeling I used to get when using it.  My piano playing felt more natural, my typing speed has improved and I could even text using my left hand!

My left hand and arm has stayed in this improved state and I am mostly unaware of any problem with it now – whereas before, it was a constant niggling thought when doing anything. I would recommend this treatment – or indeed, any Bowen treatment – to anyone at any time.
Simon Catterall March 2012 (Simon is appearing with “The Showbears” in the current series of Britain's Got Talent - Good Luck Simon!)

Jo, we are moving to Kent shortly and I wanted to thank you most sincerely for the help you have given me. My scoliosis can cause me severe pain and a few sessions with you has made it possible for me just to have a 6 monthly maintenance session to keep me pain free! I intend to continue the regime when I have moved. Thanks again RS (March 2012)

Migraines in 10 year old boy prevented him from going into rooms with loud noises and experiencing very hot weather.  Bowen has allowed him to do to the school disco which had not been possible before.  We were able to reduce his medication for migraines from 3 tablets to 2.  Loud noises no longer set off migraines and he knows when he needs a top up treatment.  Bowen also helped him to become more flexible, which has also helped his headaches.
-Mrs D, Suffolk (March 2012)

Jo, Thank you for helping me through my operation, Bowen definately made a huge difference. P.A, Suffolk (Jan 2012)

This lady was in terrific pain and was referred to the hospital by her GP about 6 months earlier for an assessment for knee replacement. By the time her appointment arrived, she was in significantly less pain but kept the appointment, as she had waited such a long time for it and wasn’t quite sure how long the Bowen would last (she had only had three treatments). This is the result:

 My knee was very painful and restricted many things I had been used to doing including aerobics class, some gardening etc.

Since having Bowen I have been amazed at the improvement on my joints, what I can achieve and I am almost pain free the majority of the time. I can do some things I haven’t done for many years. I cannot believe the vast improvement with 3 sessions. I have had a top up a couple of months down the line to make sure of my freedom to move with ease. - Mrs S 28/11/11

The letter from the Consultant to her GP read:

".... Ms S tells me that she had pain in the right knee over the years but recently this has all improved after she had Bowen treatment.  Pain before this treatment was at night and on walking and furthermore there was giving way.  Patient denies any pain in the groin. She does experience pain, and she points to the lateral side of the pelvis, radiating down to just proximal to the knee. There are no abnormal sensations in the feet.
 On examination today right knee is cool and dry. There is full range of movement. There is no pain. No major instability.  Normal patella reflexes, weak Achilles reflex left and absent Achilles reflex right. Straight leg raising while sitting with dorsiflexion of foot; no pain. Normal sensation and power in the feet. Hip movements are normal.
 X-rays of her right knee from June this year show minimal degenerate changes medial and patella-femoral.
I congratulated patient on the good results of her Bowen treatment and have told her that she is far too good to consider joint replacement surgery...."
  - Associate Specialist Surgeon in Orthopaedics, Colchester General Hospital 30/08/11

Some time ago my GP informed me that I had the symptoms of "sciatica."  He prescribed pain killers and told me I would have to live with it.
The Bowen treatment was brought to my attention by a relative who had been sucessfully treated for back spasms.  I "Googled" Bowen and found Jo Wortley of Bury St Edmunds.  She is an acomplished and charming young woman and has treated me with great success.
At the age of 75 my life style has greatly improved, thanks to Jo and Bowen.  P Argent, November 2011

"Mrs R" came to me with a hip problem. She had three sessions of Bowen Technique which helped considerably. During her sessions with me, we spoke about the problems she has been having for many years, with a lump in her throat.

To alleviate the constant irritation, she had got into the habit of eating crunchy or spicy food regardless of whether she was hungry and more recently found that she was thinking about food for most of the day. This in turn had affected her weight and she was feeling uncomfortable – so much so that she was reluctant to buy a new swimsuit for a forthcoming weekend break with her Grandchildren.

Within minutes of using a combination of EFT and NLP the lump had completely gone. Several weeks later I received this email:

I thought I'd wait a while before writing to let you know how pleased I am with my response to the therapy. I waited to see how I was after a few weeks. I've stopped thinking about food all the time - in fact it sounds ridiculous to even say it. Food has lost its importance and is no longer the focus of my day but a normal part of life. I'm eating well but find myself full and not wanting to eat more than is comfortable. I don't know if I've lost weight but I feel in control ..........and happier. I'm enjoying the feeling.

The lump in my throat is a distant memory and won't come back - you've proved it's imaginary and I'm grateful for that. The technique is remarkable........powerful yet good fun!

Thank you so much for everything......oh......my hip is fine. I might not see you for a while but I'll be in touch if any of my bits get creaky. Although it's a way off - I hope you all have a lovely, peaceful and simple Christmas.

With love – “Mrs R”

PS. Bought a cossie and went swimming with the grandchildren - we all loved it!

November 2011

Just a quick line to thank you for the help you gave my daughter. As you know she had been suffering with panic attacks prior to exams and frequently had to be removed form the hall. With GCSE's coming up this was becoming a real problem but luckily I met you and you recommended the Bowen technique for her. After just one visit to you at the Self Centre she seemed to be far more calm and in control and she practiced the technique daily up until the days before her mock exams and I am very pleased to report that she got through the exams without any problems! She will definitely be practicing the technique prior to the GCSE's in May.   L Wilson

I had EFT 8 weeks ago to help me give up crisps. I have eaten up to 12 bags a day (bad, I know!) for 20 years. We did the treatment while I sat with a bag of crisps and at the end I tasted the crisps. They tasted nasty and really fatty. I still haven't touched a crisp, not even felt tempted. I have lost one and a half stone and dropped 2 dress sizes - I feel fantastic & getting so much praise it's unreal! Thank you Jo, you have changed my life. Your my star.  Tara XX

I am quite amazed at the effect of Bowen, such a gentle technique. The session was totally relaxing, I feel wonderful now and unusually comfortable as my aching joints are no longer aching. My experience of EFT is simply staggering! I doubted the craving for chocolate (40 yrs old) would ever go ... however it WORKS! I'm amazed, I don't want chocolate now or probably ever again! This is an exciting discovery and Jo's explainations are interesting and clear. Many Thanks Sarah R

Thank you so much, Bowen was amazing! It was so wierd that something so small had such a big effect. I still can feel everything and there is NO PAIN!! I am so grateful, thank you so much Jo. If anyone is reading this, try it, it is AMAZING! Thank you H xx

I had heard about the Bowen Technique a while back but had never looked into as i didn't realise it would be helpful to me. A good friend recommended me to Jo recently, so i decided to give it a go. I have had many different treatments for my long standing neck problem in the past with no positive outcome but i was willing to try just one more thing and thank goodness i did!

I found the Bowen Technique gentle and unintrusive and surprisingly, very relaxing. Also, Jo is really lovely, friendly and professional and i felt completely at ease with her during my sessions. I wasn't sure how such gentle treatment could possibly work but after a couple of sessions with Jo my neck pain, which i have been putting up with for years, started to go. After a couple more treatments, i had much more flexibility in my neck and previously constant headache disappeared. Jo suggested that i now just call her for a 'top up' if my neck starts to feel uncomfortable and i can't believe that just after a few weeks i am at that stage.

Jo also introduced me to EFT which has also been such a brilliant discovery. I have suffered from depression for years and i am finding that EFT is helping tremendously with that. Amazingly, it is something that is so simple to learn and you can do it at home by yourself. I have binned the antidepressants that i was just about to start taking and i am so glad i have found something positive and life enhancing to treat myself with instead!  I now highly recommend Jo to you too.

Living with constant hip pain was something I had accepted and adapted my life accordingly.

Although Jo is a true professional, I was very sceptical as she began to work on my hip. After one short session, I honestly can say that I have never had the problem again. Jo has not guaranteed that this will never return and has made no false promises, but for the meantime my problem is cured. I actually went skiing this year and did not feel a thing. I know if it ever comes back, I can go to Jo and save myself a fortune on prescription painkillers. Thank you. Jo Davies (talking about Bowen Technique)

When months of aches and pains and lack of sleep had quite worn me out, I decided to see if the Bowen Technique could help me, since sleeping pills and painkillers weren't working.

In the first session, Jo worked on my leg which had been so painful, I'd been limping for 10 weeks. The doctor said it was probably a trapped nerve. I limped in and skipped out! In 5 sessions Jo worked on the various painful areas - feet, hands, hips, shoulder and my jaw, which Jo felt was probably the cause of the facial pain that had troubled me frequently for many years.

Each week I felt better - not just a reduction to pain but sleeping more soundly and waking feeling more energised. Now, I've resumed swimming twice a week, I go to over 50's aerobics and look after my large garden with renewed pleasure, as well as once again, being able to knit and crochet without pain in my hands.

I heartily recommend the Bowen Technique to anyone who wants to remember how it feels to wake up refreshed, looking forward to the new day knowing you can deal with whatever it may bring.

I am now feeling much better, fitter and younger than pre-treatment. Thank you for revitalising me!   Dorothy Morgan
For two years Kirstie has been unwell. The doctor said it was stress, then said "hormonal problems" Kirstie was off school 1 week in 4. She had pains in her stomach, she was pale, washed out - all she could do was sleep for 3 days at a time. Scans and blood tests came back clear. All doctors could do, was increase her drugs, with suspected "stomach migraine". 18 months later, we spoke to Jo and once a week Kirstie had a Bowen treatment.

Kirstie gradually began to improve. The doctor said to cut out all drugs, continue with Bowen treatments and then report back to him, which we did. The doctor now only gives Kirstie a very mild pain killer once ever 2 months. Kirstie is now 80% better.

Thanks Jo, for all your hard work. Life is for the better now.  Terry Wright (Father)

Mrs R came to me Sept 2007, with the following symptoms:

Suspected arthritis across lower back and hip. Suffered for 28 years following a fall down stairs. Was told that bottom of back had "fused". Every so often for no particular reason, back would "go" and felt like a hot poker in the spine. At it's worst, the spine bends to the right. Unable to sit for long periods of time. Pain scale 6/10 now and 10/10 at worst

Second visit: Back had been twinging like it was about to "go", but didn't. Pain now 7/10 at worst during last week 8/10. Has not been stressed at all.

Visit 3: Back twinging as if about to "go" but never did - which is unusual. Has now gone back to what it was like before it started twinging in the first place! Pain now 4/10, at worst over the last week 6/10. There has been 2 mornings where back was fine for the first time in years!

Visit 4: Pain scale over the past week 3/10 on average, 5/10 at it's worst. Is able to sit for long periods of time without discomfort. No aches at all in the morning.

Further visits were not required. I spoke to the client March '09 and although the occasional twinges still occur, the back pain has not returned.

Having been diagnosed with MS two years ago and qualifying for Rebif after two relapses I thought I would never be 'normal' again. I was introduced to Bowen Technique through Rural Therapies and had my first 1/2 hour treatment a month ago. After the first five minutes of tweeking I could feel my body especially my legs begin to balance, my right side is very weak due to a massive relapse last year when that side went completely numb. I felt quite tired and nauseous in the afternoon so I knew something was working. Over the next two weeks I noticed that my energy levels had improved and some of my 'normal' life was beginning to return. I have since had a top up 'tweek' and yet again my energy levels have increased, my wonky right foot is connected to my body and I feel whole again. Thanks Jo you are a star!  Linda 13/8/2009 
 I am so pleased with the treatment, as a lump that I have had on my ankle for about 20 years has almost gone and also my foot has been less painful. Thank you so much Jo. MC 27/1/10 

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2008, after suffering for 2 years with chronic pain and fatigue, anyone with Fibro understands how difficult it is to find a treatment that works for most of the symptoms on a long terms basis. I had been for massages, which hurt so much afterwards and only really helped for about a week before the pain returned. I had tried yoga and lots of other things were supposed to help.

One day I went for a massage and the masseur told me about something called Bowen, I looked it up when I returned home and although I was a little sceptical it sounded perfect.

One my first appointment Jo asked me questions about my health and my list of problems was long……I sounded like a helpless case! I didn’t know what to expect, but my first treatment was sooo relaxing. I was a little unsure how effective it would be as it was so gentle and wasn’t sure it would help. I remember walking out of the clinic like a zombie.

At first I was having treatments every week, then every two, then less frequently , I now go about 6 weeks between treatments. After the first few weeks I was amazed that my levels of pain had dropped by about 50%, at first I thought it was maybe a coincidence, and maybe I was just going through a good spell, but almost 10 months later, I swear by it. My initial list of problems has been drastically reduced, and the Pain, although still niggling is not has harsh and severe as it was before Bowen. I have taken leaflets to my doctors surgery for them to recommend it to other sufferers, and tell everyone how amazing it is.

On my appointments, I just tell Jo what my main issue is and she fixes it, she has taught me exercises to help and other techniques including a little EFT to help with my tiredness. My last session was focused on this and I left skipping and dancing…..

It doesn’t cure you, I don’t think anything will, but it makes your body the best it can be.

My testimonial could go on forever as I think it is a wonderful treatment, but my best advise to anyone would be to just try it for themselves.  THANK YOU JO !! XX. Maria Crompton 9/2/11

Amazing! I was, i admit pretty sceptical on this one as with most things new to me. Had a session of EFT with Jo due to problems with my IBS. I had a flare up of IBS and as usual it wasn't settling and takes forever to eventually settle with the use of medication. After my EFT session with Jo things felt like they were moving and it was starting to ease. Jo left me with some 'homework' should symptoms continue. The following day my digestive system felt pretty unsettled so i tried my homework and it settled, and then the day after i was suffering with stomach pains, so repeated my homework and the pains just subsided, jus disappeared really. Normally it takes me a good week to recover from the stomach pains to the point of refraining from food, but i continued to eat as normal and had no need for my medication. Thanks Jo! Sarah 1/4/09

I've had this pain in my right side, it's like a stitch, for about 28 years. I was given IBS medication, which didn't work, so I've just lived with it. It wakes me at 4am every morning and the pain is so bad, that I can't get back off to sleep. Jo gave me EFT yesterday and within one hour the pain intensity had gone from a 5/10 to a 1/10. last night I slept through the night for the first time in years. There was no pain at all. I couldn't believe it, it's brilliant! Joan 7/4/09

I was involved in a car crash in October 2009 and sustained injuries to my neck, spine and arms. As well as whiplash i had badly damaged the nerves in my right arm. A friend recommended Jo to me. Since having Bowen treatment with Jo i feel so much better and my symptoms have been greatly reduced. The whiplash sequence she does has immediate positive results.Thank you Jo. Victoria Bullock. 22/6/10

Nothing could prepare me for the pain and discomfort that came in the later stages of my pregnancy.  From about 30 weeks I had terrible hip, pelvis and lower back pain.  It was virtually impossible to turn in bed without screaming in pain, some nights ended in floods of tears and my husband having to help me walk to the toilet.  The pain go so bad that for a few weeks I was on crutches.  Baby marley was born a week early but the pain didn't stop there, I suffered for months afterwards.  In this time I had spend a lot of money on physio and chiropractors.  A specialist at Addenbrooks told me that I had general wear and tear on my joints and I had been suffering from SPD.  She advised me that if I had any more children then the problem would probably re-occur and could be worse.

In September 09 I fell pregnant again and by December my pain had already returned.  This is when I found Jo and the Bowen Technique.  I had quite a few treatments over Christmas.  Christmas was hard, my pain was quite bad, I was having trouble walking and couldn't pick up my daughter.  By the new year I was feeling much better, Jo had performed a miracle, or that's what it felt like.  Bowen is very gentle which is good when you are in a lot of pain, but does leave you with a feeling of "well I don't know what that could have done!"

Over the past 4 months I feel like I have got stronger with the help of Jo.  I now only see her once a month and that's my choice.  Jo always gives me the option of if I feel OK then I don't need to come.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jo and Bowen for giving me my life back and letting me enjoy the simple things like walking to the shop and picking up my daughter.  I would recommend this technique to anyone with back, leg or hip problems.  You don't have to suffer.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, only 4 weeks to go til the birth of my second child, good job I didn't listed to everything the doctors told me.  Estee 2010

The above statements are in the words of the client and reflect their own experiences.  As with any treatment or therapy, each individual's response will be different, therefore I cannot guarantee you will have the same results. 

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